The best pizza ever, if you haven’t tried this you haven’t tried life yet. I love everything from Brizio! I have always had a great experience from the amazing food to the very generous and kind staff! This is DEFINATLY the chicago style pan deep pizza that I have been looking for this whole time, glad I got to find this place!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ..IT! Thank you Brizio!

Rose J. – Brizio’s Lake Forest


Really good Pizza place. Me and my friends have been coming here for months and we can’t get enough of it! Definitely recommend it to everyone to at least try it once you won’t regard it!

Karina A – Brizio’s Santa Ana


Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. I had it delivered to my house, it was a little late, but I understand that quality Pizza does take some time to make. Once it got to my house I instantly realized that this place is not your typical Pizza joint. The Pizza was still hot and fresh when it got there, and the toppings had a deep richness to the flavor. What got me was the crust as many others have said. The crust was different then any other I had before. I am for sure going to order from here again!

Hunter W. – Brizio’s Lake Forest


My son and I went to your pizza parlor and we were very very pleased. We had antipasto salad we had pizza we had hot wings and we had a piece of cheesecake and drink and we were very very pleased with it. It was excellent and the people that waited on us were really really super nice and polite thank you for being such a good business.

Betty M. – Brizio’s Santa Ana


Brizio’s has the best pizza around. Every experience I’ve had at Brizio’s has been more than satisfying. I love the environment and the employees are delightful. I recommend this place to all of my friends and family. You wont be disappointed, and like me, you might just become addicted!

Shawna E. – Brizio’s Lake Forest


In a world of pizzas this is what its all about.

Aaron W. – Brizio’s Santa Ana


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